Race Stories (Snippets) of the 20th Century

CyclingRevealed offers 100 years of bicycle racing against a backdrop of World history. The 20th Century saw the development of bicycle racing throughout the World. These CyclingRevealed Race Snippets offer brief descriptions of the historical races that helped define bicycle racing as major World sporting event.

Tour de France / Giro d'Italia / Vuelta a Espana

Milan-San Remo / Tour of Flanders / Paris-Roubaix / Liege-Bastogne-Liege / Giro di Lombardia / World Championship Road Race

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CR Time Line
Tour de France
CR Time Line
CR Time Line
The Beginnng of the World's Greatest Cycling Race Belgan Team Strength- Sylvere Wins! Janssen's Final Push Upsets the Favorites
A Survival Story Tour Provides Great Racing Drama Eddy's Overwhelming Arrival
The Restructuring Gino "the Pious" Climbs to Victory The Cannibal's Extraordinary Return
The Thrill of Victory, the Agony of Life War Looms Large, but The Tour Goes On!! Unbeatable Merckx Gets a Major Scare
"L'Argentin" Not Held Merckx's Historic Fourth
"L'Argentin... Again!" Not Held Talented Spanish Climber Dominates, No Merckx
Invasion of the Forgeigners Not Held [Circuit de France 1942] Eddy's Return, But With Challengers
"Assassins..." Not Held [Grand Prix du Tour de France 1943] Thevenet Exploits a Vulnerable Merckx
The Grand Galibier Not Held [Grand Prix du Tour de France 1944] Van Impe Trades Polka Dots for Yellow
The Belgian Coalition Not Held Merckx's Final Attempt for Glory
Accidents Play a Critical Role in the Race Not Held [Ronde de France 1946] The Cannibal Retires, The Badger Shines
Last Tour Before the "Great War" The Welcome Return of the Grand Boucle A Zoetemelk-Hinault Battle
Not Held Gino "the Pious" an Inspirational Win Zoetemelk's Shinning Moment
Not Held A Classic Coppi-Bartali Battle The Badger Returns to Form
Not Held The "Swiss Cowboy" Inherits the Win Hinault Joins an Elite Group
Not Held Koblet's Great Escape Tour Rookie Wins
THE RETURN of a Grand Affair Coppi's Domnating Return to Form Former Teammates Battle
Thys Makes It Three Bobet is Brilliant, as the French Team Squabbles Hinault Crashes, LeMond Follows Orders
Belgians Continue the Domination Bobet Excels Again LeMond Wins after Hinault Betrayal
Belgians Again, Christophe Breaks ANOTHER Fork Bobet Times Three Drama on La Plagne
Henri Pelisser's Revenge Little Known Frenchman Wins the TdF! The Spanish Vctory that Almost Didn't Happen
The Tour of Suffering Matre Jacques' Decisive Debut Last Minute Excitement on the Champes Elysees
Italan Superstar Repeats Little Charly Gaul Climbs to a Tour Victory Luz Ardiden is the Key to Victory
The Longest Tour of All Times Spanish Climber Adds the Yellow Jersey The Arrival of the Induran Era
Desgrange's New Formula... TTT French Favorite Finds Disaster, Nencini Cruises The Spaniard is More Than a Clmber
Frantz! Start to Finish Anquetil Blossoms Indurain Time Three
Desgrange: "the Victory of a Moribund" Anquetil Struggles but Rules Again Indurain Beat Back All Comers, #4
Innovation: National Teams Anquetil's 4th Victory Makes TdF History The Spaniard Joins the Elites of the TdF
Two Victories in a Row for Team France Anquetl verses Poulidor, an Epic Battle Miguel is Ready For Six (?)
"Le Joyeux DeDe" Returns to Form Gimondi's Surprise Victory German Power and Super Mario... Briefly
French Continue Domination "Pou Pou" Gets Surprised... AGAIN! Another Tour de France Drug Scandal
"Rio" Rene's Regal Sacrifice Pingeon Flies Away; Tragedy on Ventoux Lance Returns to the Tour After Beating Cancer
The "Black Squadron" Ends French Domnation        
TdF Bastille Day Stage Winners    
x TdF 1989 "stage by stage" LeMond-Fignon    
x Entry into the "Circle of Death"    


CR Time Line
Giro d'Italia
CR Time Line
CR Time Line
The First Ever Giro A Youthful Coppi Wins Before the War First Swede to Win the Giro
Galett's Revenge Not Held The Cannibal Romps
Garletti Again but wth a Challenge Not Held Merckx Dominates from Day 1
The Giro n 1912... A Team Competition Not Held Merckx’s 5th Giro but Barely
Oriani Victory Without a Stage Win Not Held A Stelvio Showdown
1st Timed Giro, Calzolari Dominates Not Held Gimondi’s Finest Victory
Not Held Bartali Beats Coppi, the Rivalry Continues to Grow Moser: "This one hurt"
Not Held Coppi Beats Bartali… But Not Without a Fight Grand Italian’s Final Giro
Not Held Another Great Italian Cyclist Emerges San Marino TT
Not Held Coppi Starts His Giro/Tour Double Giro Victory for a Giro Rookie
Grardengo Untouchable First Foreign Winner Battaglin Completes a Grand Double
A Classic Giro Battle - Belloni vs Gremo Titanic Battle: Magni vs Van Steenbergen Hinault’s Second Giro Championship
Brunero the Strongest Coppi's Best Year The Fastest Giro
Brunero Repeats Victory after Early Problems Late Heroics Gained the Victory for Coppi Moser-Fignon: a Controversial Battle to the End!
A Girardengo Masterpiece Little Known Suisse Rider Escapes Hinault with Help From LeMond Beats Moser
Enrici Pulls Away in the Mountans Magni's Third Giro Victory Visentini Delivers the Victory
Binda Outduels Girardengo “Angel of the Mountains” Climbs to Victory Roche Battled Teammate
Brunero and Binda Nencini in Front of Gaul and Bobet Hampsten Survives the Storm
Binda from Start to Finish Baldini Untouchable… Stage 13!
Binda Battle Piemontesi Gaul Masters the Snow and Anquetil Bugno Start to Finish
Binda Times 4 Anquetil Nips Nencini Maglia Rosa Attacks on the Passo Pordoi
Marchisio Wins a Binda-less Giro Victory Pambianco Celebrates Italian Independence Chiappucci Can’t Crack Indurain
Camusso's Late Charge to Victory Balmamion's Giro Victory with NO Stage Wins Indurain Matches Chiappucci in the Dolomites
One Stage Wonder Balmamion's Victory with NO Stage Wins… Again Russian Domination
Alfredo Binda's 5th Anquetil Time Trials to Victory Rominger Untouchable
"Human Locomotive" Tme Trials to Victory The Best Giro Winner Since Coppi From Athens to Milan
A New Generation of Italian Champions Motta Holds off Stellar Field for the Victory Gotti Ends a 6 Year Italian Drought
Bartali Climbs Away Gimondi and Anquetil: a Great Rivalry Il Pirate” Climbs to Victory
Bartali in Full Control Merckx ! Race Leader Expelled
Valetti Steps Out of Bartali's Shadow Merckx DQ'd, Gimondi Wins    
Valetti Battle Bartali Again Merckx Returns with a Vengeance    


CR Time Line
Vuelta a Espana
CR Time Line
CR Time Line
The Beginning of a Grand Event Spanish Climbers Battle Luis Puig and Unipublic Save the Vuelta
The Last Vuelta Before the Civil War Frenchman Takes Advantage in Spain Ruperez and a Little Help from his Friends
Not Held A Very Animated Spanish Grand Tour Battaglin Starts a Grand Springtime Double
Not Held Bahamontes Tantrum, Belgian Wins Winner Stripped after Doping Scandal
Not Held Young Spaniard Wins for Spain Vuelta a Espana: Brilliant!!!
Not Held Big German Answers Every Attack Frenchman by 6"
Return of La Vuelta, Rodriguez Wins 12 Stages! Anquetil's Missing Jewel Millar's Vuelta Collapse
Berrendero Start to Finish Poulidor Wins a Grand Tour Pino's Biggest Victory
Not Held An Over Confident Poulidor Gets ‘Crossed' The Pride of Columbia
Not Held Spaniard Time Trials to the Victory Kelly's Great Finish
Rodriguez Wins More Than Stages First Royal Dutchman in Spain Delgado and the Columbians
Foreigners Begin to Return Terrorists Can't Stop La Vuelta Favorites Ignore Early Breakaways
Belgian Flatlander Tme Trials to Victory We Lost the Vuelta but Found a Champion A Covadonga Showdown
A Classic Spanish Duel New Spanish Champion Blossoms A Swiss Surprise
Not Held Spanish Rivalry Benefits a Foreigner A Rominger-Zulle Classic
End of an Era for the Vuelta a Espana Team KAS Totally Dominates the Vuelta Rominger Times 3
Not Held A Springtime Vuelta/Giro Double: MERCKX! Vuelta Moves to September
Not Held Excitement Until the Very Last Minute Swiss Treat in Spain
Not Held A San Sebastian TT to Remember Zulle Wins the Fastest Ever Vuelta
Not Held Vuelta Champion with No Stage Wins Olano Ends Spanish Vuelta Drought
Return of a Grand Event This Vuelta Belonged to Maertens!!! Struggling German Surprises the Vuelta
Closest Finish in Vuelta History Hinault's First Grand Tour Victory    


CR Time Line
Milan-San Remo
CR Time Line
CR Time Line
Frenchman Wins 1st Milan-San Remo Gino “the Pious” Wins M-SR Eddy Merckx
Milan and the Lion of Flanders Two in a Row for Bartali Eddy Merckx
Milan-San Remo's 1st Italian Winner War Torn Milan-San Remo Promenading Peloton leads to a Tremendous Finish
Four Survive the Ordeal Treacherous Road but the Race Goes On Felice Gimondi
Garrigou Rides Away Last Milan-San Remo during the War Eddy Merckx
Pelissier Wins His 2nd Monument Not Held A Merckx Milestone!
2 Belgians Dominate Not Held Dutch Newcomer Upstages Merckx and Moser
Agostoni Ends an Italian M-SR Slump Coppi's Epic Journey It is up to Every Rider to Win as Best He Can"
Girardengo DQ'd, Corlaita Leads an Italian Sweep Bartali Wins After Coppi Abandons Roger De Vlaeminck
Not Held Coppi is Back Pierino Gavazzi
Belloni's Long Solo Victory Coppi's Final M-SR Victory Fons De Wolf
Girardengo's First Milan-San Remo Victory! Gino Bartali's Great Sprint Marc Gomez
Gremo's Solo Victory Bobet Wins an Italian Monument Italian World Champion Wins a Monument
Belloni is the Best in 1920 Petrucci Sprints Home Moser's Great Form
Girardengo's Revenge Two in a Row for Petrucci Kupier's 4th Monument
Brunero Slips Away from Girardengo Van Steebergen's Powerful Sprint The Man Who Would be King
Girardengo Again! Belgian Sprinter Conquers Late Capi Early Breakaway of "Unknowns" Survived
Linari Beats Girardengo AND Belloni Belgian Survives the ‘Hell of the South' A French Comeback
Girardengo's 4th Milan-San Remo Victory Poblet Wins for Spain Fignon's Repeat Victory in San Remo
Breakaway Victory for Girardengo (5th) The Emperor Adds La Primavera Inspired Italian Reclaims M-SR
Chiesi Escapes from Binda Milan-San Remo Turns a Golden 50 “Il Diablo’s” Epic Victory
Girardengo Out Duels Binda for #6 Privat Prevails Kelly’s Daredevil Descent
The New Campionissimo in Full Control "Pou Pou" Wins a Monument Maurizio Fondriest's Poggio Attack
Mara Sprints to Victory Belgium Sweeps Milan-San Remo Podium Giorgio Furlan
Binda's Super Sprint Groussard Holds Off Wolfshohl for the Victory Laurent Jalabert
Bovet Wins in Record Time The Last One Standing Colombo and the Ciperssa
The “ Human Locomotive ” Charges to Victory First Dutch Winner of M-SR Zabel Sprints to Victory
Belgian's Breakaway Spoils Italian Party A 20 Year Old Belgian Blows Away La Primavera An Impressive Zabel Victory
Olmo's First Major Victory Eddy Merckx Tchmil Surprises the Sprinters
Varetto Wins the San Remo Sprint Rudi Altig    
A Solo Del Cancia Sets a Record Eddy Merckx    
Olmo's Second M-SR Victory Gallant Italian Ends a 17 Year Drought    


CR Time Line
Tour of Flanders
CR Time Line
CR Time Line
A Belgian Monument Gets Its Start New Belgian Star Makes His Mark Dolman's Perfect Timing
Alcyon Star Keeps His Promise Achiel Buysse Makes History Superior Sprinter Grabs a Narrow Win
Not Held A Young Van Steenbergen Grabs a Monument TV Live at Flanders
Not Held Aggressive Racing, but Grysolle Sneaks Away A Dutch Surprise
Not Held The New “Lion of Flanders” Merckx's Early Attack
Not Held Faignaert Dominated a Fast Ronde The Breakaway Drops the Sprinters
A Legendary Tale!!! Iron Briek's Second Ronde Victory Positive Tests at Doping Control
Van Hevel's Bg Gear Wins Flanders First Italian Winner of Flanders A Classic Flahute Wins Flanders
Vermandel's Fast Finish Italian Dominates... Again! A New King of the Classics
Flanders Gains in Popularity Italian “Lion of Flanders” Dominates Pollentier’s Final Pop
First Foreign Winner of Flanders Belgian Takes Back Flanders A Dutch Delight
Belgians Dominate The Dutchman New Comer Gains a Great Victory
2nd Year Pro Wins Flanders Impanis Excels! A Dutchman with Help from a Teammate
Verschueren Continues Belgian Supremacy Bobet Sails Over the Stars Lammerts Thrives in the Cold
First 2 Time Winner of Flanders Frenchman Beats Hometown Hero Vanderaerden Shines on a Miserable Day in Flanders
Big Victory for Mertens De Bruyne's Revenge Van der Poel Outsprints Kelly
Career Day for Dervaes Derycke Adds a 4th Monument Disaster on the Koppenberg
Bonduel Survives Brutal Road Conditions King of the Classics Wins His 1st Ronde Eddy Planckaert and a Classic Flanders
Gijssels' Grand Victory Lesser Known Belgian Sprints to the Victory Bosberg Breakaway
Gijssels Best of a Stellar Field of Riders Simpson the Lion Tamer An Italian at Flanders
Fons' 3rd Monument Van Looy Wins an Aggressive Ronde Van Hooydonck’s Bosberg Blast
Rebry Powers to Victory Huge Crowds from Start to Finish The Always Aggressive Jacky Durant
Duerloo Survives the Weather Altig Unstoppable Young Belgian Superstar Emerges
Career Day for Hardiquest Easy Start / Hard Finish Bugno by a Millimeter
D'Hooghe's Day to Shine New Young Riders Come to Flanders Museeuw Launches on the Muur
De Caluwe Outsprints the Favorites Merckx Misses the Move A Geraardsbergen Treat for Bartoli
6 Day Track Racer Sprints to Victory Fireworks on the Muur A Dane’s Daring Attack
WW2 Didn't Stop the Ronde "You'll Die in the Headwind..." Museeuw Wins Solo from the Tenbosse!
Buysse's Dominating Win… Again ! A Wide Open Race ‘Native Son’ Wins a Royal Sprint


CR Time Line
CR Time Line
CR Time Line
Powerful German Dominates All Young Belgian Star Immerges The Next Great Italian
Garin Holds on for the Victory Gijssels Wins a Flanders/P-R Double Janssen's Masterful Sprint
"Little Chimney Sweep" Tmes 2 Neo-Pro Beats the Veterans Save the Cobbles!!!
Champon's Spark to Victory Lapebie's Great Ride Goes for Naught Powerful Flemish Team Dominates
Track Star Smashes the Average Speed Record Rebry's Toughest Victory Merckx Head and Shoulders Above
Changes to the Structure of Paris-Roubaix Frenchman's Controversial Win Young Belgian Dominates
Lensa Again! Italians Celebrate "The Gypsy's" First Paris-Roubaix Victory
New Stars Provide a Great Finish Changing of the Belgian Guard Eddy Outdoes Himself
Aucouturier Again! WW2 Overshadows P-R in 1939 Mr. Paris-Roubaix Cruises to Victory
Soldier on Leave Gains Paris-Roubaix Victory Not Held De Vlaeminck's 3rd
Popular Frenchman Escapes on the Doullens Hill Not Held Demeyer's Determination
Police Enforce a Road Tax Not Held The Gypsy Sets the Record
Belgium 's Cycling Tradition in Full Swing The “Black Eagle's” Return Moser's 1st... at Last!
Budding Superstar Gains the 1st of 3 P-R Victories Ugliness of WW2 Overshadows l'Enfer du Nord Francesco Again
Lapize Again! Liberaton! Moser's Incredible Pace
Lapize Times Three Claes Surprises the “Unbeatable Hinault Takes the "Queen"
Hometown Hero Peaks for Paris-Roubaix Tuscan Rider's Misfortune Dutchman Thanks Teammates
Faber Adds Paris-Roubaix to His Palmares Van Steenbergen and Record Speed A Determined Dutchman Would Not be Denied
French Sprinter Pushes Huge Gear to Victory Confusing Outcome of “The Affair Kelly's Irish Spring
Not Held "Campionissimo" was Sublime Madiot's "Muddy Marvelous" Victory
Not Held Track Rider's Timely Attack The King and the “Queen of the Classics”
Not Held The Clash of Two Titans! CR's #1 Classic!!! Young Belgian Prodigy Lives Up to His Promise
Not Held The Making of a Champion Dirk’s LONG Breakaway Victory
Journalists Proclaim a Legend: “The Hell of North” An Impressive Spring Run Unknown Belgian Wins the QUEEN!!!
Deman Escapes Death and Wins Paris-Roubaix Coppi/Bobet Feud as Forstier Wins By Less Than a Centimeter!
Le Auto Headline: “The Thoroughbred Triumphs…” Bobet Finally Wins P-R Madiot's Second P-R Victory
Belgian Power! De Bruyne Answers Belgian Critics Duclos-Lassalle's Timely Attack
Unknown Swiss Sprinter Wins a Spring Double Sprint Fest Duclos-Lassalle by an Inch
Van Hevel the Toast of Belgium A Changing of the Guard In the Muck and Mire
Belgians Battle Italians Victory for a Trooper Ballerini at Last
A Generational Confrontation The Emperor Adds the “Queen Mapei's "Arranged" Finish
A Controversial Victory for George Ronsse Van Looy AGAIN! Frenchman Surprises the Favorites
“Dede” Ends Belgian Domination Never Say Die Mapei 1-2-3!!!
Ronsse was the Strongest but Meunier Wins Plus ça change... Tafi's Dream Ride to the Top of the Podium
Race Jury Decides the Victory Super Champion Ties the Record    


CR Time Line
CR Time Line
CR Time Line
1st Edition of "Le Doyenne" Goes to Leon Houa 27th Liege-Bastogne-Liege 1937 Return of Merckx-Godefroot
Houa! Times 2 Deloor beats the Black Eagle Roger De Vlaeminck and a Magic Move in the Tunnel
Houa Contiues to Shine World War 2 Closes in on L-B-L 1939 Brutal Ardennes Weather Tests Merckx
Frenchman Wins L-B-L Re-start Not Held Merckx wins "Le Weekend Ardennais"
Fastre Wins L-B-L Not Held Merckx by a Millimeter!!!
Not Held Not Held Pintens Awarded the Victory
L-B-L's Return 30th Liege-Bastogne-Liege 1943 Merckx's 5th and Final LBL Victory
L-B-L Goes Pro, Belgians 1-2-3 Not Held Joseph Bruyere with Help from Merckx
Belgians 1-2-3... Again Resumption after the WW2 Bombardments in 1944 France's Next Great Superstar?
Not Held 32nd Liege-Bastogne-Liege 1946 Joseph Bruyere
Not Held 33rd Liege-Bastogne-Liege 1947 Dietrich Thurau
Not Held Mollin's Perfectly Timed Sprint!!! Hinault, Snow, and Pain
Not Held 35th Liege-Bastogne-Liege 1949 Josef Fuchs
Not Held Long Breakaway Comes Up Short Silvano Contini
Extremely Cold Weather Hinders L-B-L The First Ardennes Double in 1951 Rooks Climbs Away
Leon Scieur and Lucien Buysse Battle to the Finish An Ardennes Double AGAIN!!! Sean Kelly
'Iron Man' WIns Liege-Bastogne-Liege 1921 Fantastic Breakaway!!! Suspense and Controversy
'Iron Man's' 2nd Straight LBL Victory Marcel Emzer Patience Pays Off
Small Field but a Big Win for Vermandel Ockers wins "Le Weekend Ardennais" Argentin's Late Charge
Vermandel Repeats Liege-Bastogne-Liege Victory Fred De Bruyne's First L-B-L Victory Phinney's Face Plant
Ronsse Sprints to Victory Controversial Railway Crossing King” Kelly Delivers!
Dieudonne Smets Wins a Monument Fred De Bruyne An Easter Sunday Surprise
Raes Wins the Sprint Fred De Bruyne An Ardennes Double
Mottard's Long Breakaway Gains a Monument Albertus Geldermans La Doyenne Turns 100
Rainy Day Victory for Schepers Rik Van Looy Rolf Sorensen
Big German Beats ALL the Belgians Jef Planckaert Evgeni Berzin
A Belgian Affair Frans Melckenbeeck Gianetti Slips Away
Houyoux Wins the Day for Belgium Willy Blocklandt L-B-L Slips away from Lance
Gardier Solos to Victory Carmine Preziosi Bartoli Defeats the World #1
Herckenrath Outsprints 5-Rider Breakaway Jacques Anquetil Bartoli Wins with Gusto
Heavy Rain Can't Spoil the Day A Merckx-Godefroot Classic in 1967 A Vandenbrouche Gem
26th Liege-Bastogne-Liege 1936 Valere Van Sweefelt    


CR Time Line
World Championship Road Race
CR Time Line
CR Time Line
Alfredo Binda! German Sprinter Takes a Dull Race Francesco Moser
Ronsse's Power and a Cow in the Road Campionissimo! Finally… Gerrie Knetemann
Ronsse Repeats with Help Bobet Conquers Difficult Course Dutchman Closes the Year in Style
Binda's Revenge Strong Belgian’s Shining Moment Hinault Ends an 18 Year Drought
Powerful ‘Locomotive' Belgian Dominance Freddy Maertens
Binda Takes Rome by Storm Rik 1 Repeats As Champion Giuseppe Saronni
Speicher's Grand Double An Italian Escape in France LeMond Comes of Age
Big Belgian Sprinter Becomes World Champion Sprinters Revel on a Flat Course Hot Weather and a Cool Belgian
Jean Aerts Solo! Rik (2) Wins His First Championship "I Won Without Doing It Deliberately”
Frenchman Attacks from the Gun! Rik (2) Van Looy Time x 2 Venetian at Altitude
Belgian Sprinter Rockets to the Victory Jean Stablinski with Irish Help Roche Completes a “Merckxian” Year
The Black Eagle Soars The Renaix Affair The Crash
Not Held Jan Janssen The Perfectly Timed Sprint
Not Held Tom Simpson Welcome to Japan
Not Held Rudi Altig World #1 Wins World Championships
Not Held Eddy Merckx Italian On Top of the World
Not Held Vittorio Adorni with Help from His Friends Brash American Rides Away to the Victory
Not Held Harm Ottenbros L’Arc en Ciel to the Frenchman
Not Held Jean-Pierre Monsere Olano's Dramatic Puncture
Return of the World Championship RR Eddy Merckx Museeuw Celebrates a Birthday in Style
Powerful Dutchman Dominates Mariano Basso Frenchman went against team orders
Schotte Conquers the Cauberg Felice Gimondi Climb the Cauberg 15 Times...?
Van Steenbergen's First World Championship Merckx’s Last Lap Capture and Attack Who's Watching Oscar?
Schott's Brilliant Attack Hennie Kuiper    
The Swiss Hammer Freddy Maertens    


CR Time Line
Giro di Lombardia
CR Time Line
CR Time Line
"Red Devil's" Great Ride Bini's Breakaway Jean-Pierre Monsere
Controversy at Lombardia Cinelli Out Sprints Bartali Bitossi (Filotex) with help from team Salvarani
"Red Devil" Gets Relegated Grand Bartali Breakaway Eddy Merckx
Lombardia's Huge Peloton Bartali Two Victories in a Row Eddy Merckx
193 Km, Milan to Sesto San Giovanni 1909 Mario Ricci Felice Gimondi, after Merckx DQ'd
232 Km, Milan to Sesto San Giovanni 1910 Aldo Bini Roger De Vlaeminck
Talented Young Frenchman at Lombardia Not Held Francesco Moser
235 Km, Milan to Milan 1912 Not Held De Vlaeminck's Drive to Victory
Frenchmen Sweep the Podium Mario Ricci Gianbattista Baronchelli
Italian Teammates Sprint for the Victory Coppi's First Lombardia Victory Francesco Moser
232 Km, Milan to Torretta 1915 Coppi's Second Lombardia Victory Bernard Hinault
232 Km, Milan to Torretta 1916 Coppi Untouchable... AGAIN Fons De Wolf
Foreign Riders Return During WW1 Coppi's 4th Lombardia IN A ROW Hennie Kuiper
256 Km, Milan to Sesto San Giovanni 1918 Renzo Soldani Giuseppe Saronni
Girardengo's 1st "Race of the Falling Leaves" Louison Bobet The Sprint!
French Superstar's Breakaway Victory Giuseppe Minardi Hinault Finishes 1984 in Style
261 Km, Milan to Milan 1921 Neo-Pro Survives the Deluge and Finishing Chaos for the Victory Kelly Victorious on a Modified Race Course
Girardengo's 3rd Lombardia Victory Coppi's Record 5th Lombardia Spectulation of Controversy
Brunero's Long Breakaway to Victory Cleto Maule Italian Delivers a Season Ending Surprise
Brunero Breakaways for Repeat Victory An Inspirational End to Magni's 1956 Season Mottet Turns It ON!
Young Binda Wins Lombardia Diego Ronchini A Valcava Launching Pad
Binda Repeats Lombardia Win Nico Defilippis The Helvetia Plan
Binda Dominates Lombardia Rik Van Looy Sean Kelly
Belloni Earns a Soggy Victory Emile Daems Tony Rominger
Fossati's Great Ride Vito Taccone Pascal Richard
Mara Victory after Piemontesi's Relegation Jo de Roo Vladislav Bobrik
Binda's Revenge Jo de Roo An Aggressive Race of Attrition
Strong Finish for Negrini Gianni Motta Tafi’s Late Surge
Piemontesi Wins “Race of the Falling Leaves Tom Simpson Blazing Speeds
Human Locomotive Powers Away Felice Gimondi World Champion Rides Away
Neo-Pro Solo! Franco Bitossi Tchmil and Celestino Celebrate Victories
Gino Bartali's First Lombardia Victory A Double Win for Van Springel    

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