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6th Paris-Roubaix 1901 (France)

By Barry Boyce, CyclingRevealed Historian

Changes to the Structure of Paris-Roubaix

SPECIAL NOTE: Three changes revitalized a struggling Paris-Roubaix race.

First, the organizers eliminated the use of moto-pacers (human powered tandem and triplet bicycle pacers were allowed).

Second, new sports newspaper L'Auto-Velo led by Henri Desgranges joined the management team for the race and helped bring much needed financial assistance.

Third, the racecourse was changed back to its original 280 km distance. The promotional efforts were rewarded with 60 riders at the new start line in Porte Maillot (a suburb of Paris).

Lucien Lesna (Fra) used experience and guile to drop lone breakaway companion Jean Gougoltz (Fra) midway through the cobbled sections of the north. He rode onto Rue Verte, Criox Roubaix 26 minutes in front of second placed Ambroise Garin (Fra).

P-R April 7, 1901
280 Km, Porte Maillot, Paris to Roubaix (Rue Verte, Criox)

1. Lucien Lesna (Fra) 10h49'37"

2. Ambrosio Garin (Fra) +26'01"

3. Lucien Itsweire (Fra) +40'03"

Starters: 60

Finishers: 21

Average Speed: 25.861 km/h

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