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  Timeline: 1922  
By Barry Boyce, CyclingRevealed
Date Race Winner Distance
March 19, 1922 Tour of Flanders Leon Devos (Bel) 253 km
March 28, 1922 Milan-San Remo Giovanni Brunero 286.5 km
April 9, 1922 Liege-Bastogne-Liege Louis Mottiat (Bel) 218 km
April 16, 1922 Paris-Roubaix Albert Delonghe (Bel) 263 km
May 24-Jun 11, 1922 Giro d'Italia Giovanni Brunero (Ita) 10 Stages, 3,093 km
Jun 25-Jul 23, 1922 Tour de France Firmin Lambot (Bel) 15 Stages, 5,373 km
November 5, 1922 Giro di Lombardia Constante Girardengo (Ita) Milan-Monza, 246km
  • Great Britain - Flu epidemic hit Britain claiming 804 victims.
  • Mussolini - 1922, Benito Mussolini marched on Rome and started to take control of Italy. In October, Mussolini established his Fascist regime.
  • U.S.S.R. - The creation of the communist state of the U.S.S.R. Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, who was known as Lenin, suffered a series of stroke and was replaced by Josif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, who was known as Josef Stalin, as General Secretary of the Communist Party in Russia. The December end of the Russian Revolution established the Soviet Union.
  • Great Britain - November 1922, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) began radio service in the United Kingdom.

Notable Deaths-
Alexander Graham Bell, 1847-1922
, a creative genius, Bell's many inventions included the telephone and telegraph, a selenium cell, the photophone, the phonograph, five variations of aerial vehicles, and the hydroplane. In 1888, he also founded the National Geographic Society.



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