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2nd Ronde van Vlaanderen 1914 / Tour of Flanders (Belgium)


By Barry Boyce, CyclingRevealed Historian





Alcyon Star Keeps His Promise

The second running Ronde van Vlaanderen (Tour of Flanders) in 1914 was due to the efforts of financial guru Léon van den Haute. Although the race was a success in 1913 the prestige of the Ronde had not "come of age" for the major cycling manufacturers (most were French). Top riders were not allowed by their trade teams to compete.

The oldest of the famous Belgian Buysse family, Marcel started the race without the permission of his Alcyon team, but after making a promise to the promoters, Buysse came to the start line in Gent.

Henri van Lerberghe’s long early breakaway attempt was caught by a nine rider chase group. After the breakaway regrouped Marcel Buysse, Van Lerberghe and Pierre Van de Velde tried unsuccessfully to escape the elite group.

When the race entered the wooden outdoor track in the velodrome in Evergem (the new finish line of the race), Van Lerberghe jumped up the banked track as Buysse, an experienced track rider and excellent sprinter, grabbed the opening and sprinted away to the victory.

SPECIAL NOTE: 1914 was the last edition of the Tour of Flanders for 5 years because of the battles of World War 1. The third edition of the race returned March 23, 1919.

Flanders March 22, 1914
280 Km, Gent to Evergem (Velodrome- Deeske Porter)

1. Marcel BUYSSE (Bel) 10h20'10"

2. Henri Van Lerberghe (Bel)

3. Pierre Van de Velde (Bel)

Starters: 47
Finishers: 19
Average Speed: 27.111 km/h

RVV 1913

RVV 1919

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