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1940-1946: 'TdF Style' Racing During World War 2


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The Tour de France remained suspended during the war years, but there were a series of races organized around the chaos of the war in France. The most significant mini-tour was run in 1946 after the war but before the TdF could return. The La Course du Tour de France (Monaco-Paris) was in 1946. The war was over and the organizers of the Tour de France could not re-start a proper Tour de France in 1946. The Monaco-Paris race was organized by Le Parisien Libere along with L'Equipe (which took over from the now defunct newspaper Le Auto). This collaboration took over the formal organization of the post-WW2 Tour de France. It was widely thought in 1946 of as a logistical practice run before the Tour-proper was resumed in 1947.

Racing during World War 2:

1942 Circuit de France

Stage and Distance

Stage Winner

Stage 1 Paris to Le Mans , 203km

Guy Lapebie (Fra)

Stage 2 Le Mans to Poitiers , 226km

Frans Bonduel (Bel)

Stage 3A Poitiers to Limoges , 103km

Georges Guillier (Fra)

Stage 3B Limoges to Clermont Ferrand, 163km

Louis Caput (Fra)

Stage 4 Clermont Ferrand to Saint Etienne, 203km

Francois Neuville (Bel)

Stage 5A Saint Etienne to Lyon , 56km TTT


Stage 5B Lyon to Dijon , 230km

Albert Goutal (Fra)

Stage 6 Dijon to Paris , 358k

Raymond Louviot (Fra)

General Classification
Francois Neuville (Bel)
Mountain Classification
Pierre Brambilla (Ita)

Circuit de France 1942
1,542 Km

1. Francois NEUVILLE (Bel) 45h 32' 09"

2. Louis Thietard (Fra) +5' 23"

3. Louis Caput (Fra) +5' 31"

Starters: ??
Finishers: 10
Average Speed: 33.270 km/h

1943 - Grand Prix du Tour de France

1. Joseph GOUTORBE (Fra)

The Grand Prix du Tour de France 1943 consisted of a classification of the following individual races:

GP Races




1 Paris-Roubaix

Marcel Kint (Bel)

Jules Lowie (Bel)

Louis Thiétard (Fra)

2 Grand Prix de Provence

Émile Idée (Fra)

Camille Danguillaume (Fra)

Guy Lapébie (Fra)

3 Paris-Dijon

Lucien Le Guével (Fra)

Roger Moreau (Fra)

René Vietto (Fra)

4 Paris-Reims

Jules Rossi (Ita)

Camille Danguillaume (Fra)

Frans Bonduel (Bel)

5 Paris-Tours

Gabriel Gaudin (Fra)

Achille Buysse (Bel)

Albert Hendrickx (Bel)

6 Course dans Paris

André Declerck (Bel)

Georges Claes (Bel)

Adolf Verschueren (Bel)

7 Grand Prix d'Auvergne

Jean-Marie Goasmat (Fra)

Albert van Schendel (Ned)

Fermo Camellini (Ita)

8 Grand Prix des Alpes

Dante Gianello (Fra)

Camille Danguillaume (Fra)

Sylvère Jezo (Fra)

9 Grand Prix de l'Industrie du Cycle

Edouard Fachleitner (Fra)

Jo Goutorbe (Fra)

Frans Hotag (Bel)

General Classification Final

1. Jo Goutorbe (Fra)

2. Camille Danguillaume (Fra)

3. Lucien Vlaemynck (Bel)

1944 - Grand Prix du Tour de France

1. Maurice DE SIMPELAERE (Bel)  

The same Grand Prix du Tour de France race series was being run in 1944, but were forced to be stopped because of the war. The GP races that were being run had Maurice De Simpelaere (Bel) as the leader in the General Classification at the time the Grand Prix was interrupted.

1946 - Ronde de France

Stage and Distance

Stage Winner

Race Leader

Stage 1 Bordeaux to Pau 221 km

Elio Bertocchi (Ita)

Elio Bertocchi (Ita)

Stage 2 Pau to Toulouse 300 km

Giulio Bresci (Ita)

Giulio Bresci (Ita)

Stage 3 Toulouse to Montpellier 249 km

Raymond Louviot (Fra)

Giulio Bresci (Ita)

Stage 4 Montpellier to Gap 274 km

Giulio Bresci (Ita)

Giulio Bresci (Ita)

Stage 5 Gap to Grenoble 277 km

Apo Lazarides (Fra)

Giulio Bresci (Ita)

Mountain Classification
Giulio Bresci (Ita)

Ronde de France July 10 to July 14, 1946
1,321 Km

1. Giulio BRESCI (Ita) 41h14'51"

2. Elio Bertocchi (Ita) +4'08"

3. Edouard Fachleitner (Fra) +11'24"

Starters: 92
Finishers: 29
Average Speed: 32.026 km/h

1946 - La Course du Tour de France ( Monaco-Paris 1946 )

Stage and Distance

Stage Winner

Race Leader

Stage 1 Monaco to Digne, 185 km

Aldo Baito (Ita)

Aldo Baito (Ita)

Stage 2 Digne to Briancon, 219 km

Rene Vietto (Fra)

Rene Vietto (Fra)

Stage 3 Briancon to Aix les Bains, 263 km

Jean Robic (Fra)

Jean Robic (Fra)

Stage 4 Aix les Bains to Dijon, 294 km

Adolfo Leoni (Ita)

Apo Lazarides (Fra)

Stage 5 Dijon to Paris, 355 km

Adolfo Leoni (Ita)

Apo Lazarides (Fra)

Mountain Classification
Jean Robic (Fra)

La Course du TdF July 23 to July 28, 1946
1,316 Km

1. Apo LAZARIDES (Fra) 44h31'42"

2. Rene Vietto (Fra) +36'14"

3. Jean Robic (Fra) +40'23"

Starters: 77
Finishers: 37
Average Speed: 29.560 km/h

TdF 1939

TdF 1947

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