2nd Giro di Lombardia 1906 (Italy)


By Barry Boyce, CyclingRevealed Historian



Controversy at Lombardia

The 1906 Giro di Lombardia (originally called Milano-Milano) victory went to young Italian Cesare Brambilla. Defending champion Giovanni Gerbi had major mechanical problems and was forced to abandon mid-way through the race.

Controversy hit the race as the winning two ride breakaway, Brambilla and Carlo Galetti, entered the finish in Milan. A massive crowd hindered the progress of the duo down the final stretch. As Brambilla swerving through the fans Galetti was forced to go off the road and he punctured. Brambilla easily rolled across the finish line for the victory. Galetti protested but was denied when he admitted taking a small alcoholic drink from a friend just before the finish and was a bit light headed.

GdL November 11, 1906
197 Km, Milan-Milan

1. Cesare BRAMBILLA (Ita) 7h28'39"

2. Carlo Galetti (Ita) +7"
3. Luigi Ganna (Ita) +4'41"
Starters: 53
Finishers: 20
Average Speed: 26.435 km/h


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