9th Milan-San Remo 1915 (Italy)


By Barry Boyce, CyclingRevealed Historian




Girardengo DQ'd, Corlaita Leads an Italian Sweep

Rain and cold temperatures returned in Milan in 1915, but the racing remained spirited. After a long solo breakaway Constante Girardengo arrived first in San Remo. However, his failure to properly follow the race course resulted in his disqualification.

Arriving second Ezio Corlaita was officially pronounced the winner. Luigi Lucotti and Angelo Gremo completed the Italian sweep of podium positions.

SPECIAL NOTE: The 1916 edition of Milan-San Remo would be cancelled when battles of World War 1 broke out on the Northern border Italy. The race would resume in 1917.

M-SR March 28, 1915
289 Km

1. Ezio CORLAITA (Ita) 10h36'03"

2. Luigi Lucotti (Ita) +1'07"
3. Angelo Gremo (Ita) +6'57"
Starters: 41
Finishers: 20
Average Speed: 27.263 km/h

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