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19th World Championship Road Race 1952


By Barry Boyce, CyclingRevealed Historian













German Sprinter Takes a Dull Race

The 1952 World Championship Road Race was held in Leudelange, Luxembourg. The 280 km race course around the City of Leudelange presented a relatively easy course.

The race was rather dull until the final kilometers. A 34 rider peloton rode into the finish. German track rider Heinz Muller launched a brilliant sprint to narrowly defeat Swiss sprinter Gottfried Wellenmann.

WCRR August 24, 1952
280 Km [ Leudelange , Luxembourg ]

1. Heinz MULLER (Ger) 7h05'51

2. Gottfried Weilenmann (Sui)

3. Ludwig Hoermann (Ger)

Starters: 48
Finishers: 38
Average Speed: 39.499 km/h

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