9th Giro di Lombardia 1913 (Italy)


By Barry Boyce, CyclingRevealed Historian



Frenchmen Sweep the Podium

The Giro di Lombardia was held on November 2, 1913. The 235 km race started in Milan and finished at the race track Trotter di Turro in Milan.

1911 Lombardia winner Henri Pelissier (Fra) return to Italy in 1913 with his very strong French team. Controversy marred the finish in Milan when a fan ran in front of the race official’s car causing the leaders to slow and a few to stop as the sprint was opening up. Avoiding the confusion a lucky Pelissier quickly jump around the car and sprinted to a 2 second victory. Frenchmen swept the podium with Maurice Brocco (Fra) and Marcel Godivier (Fra) finishing second and third respectively.

GdL November 2, 1913
235 Km, Milan-Milan (Trotter di Turro)

1. Henri PELISSIER (Fra) 7h43'48"

2. Maurice Brocco (Fra) +2"
3. Marcel Godivier (Fra)
Starters: 63
Finishers: 40
Average Speed: 30.401 km/h


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