13th Giro di Lombardia 1917 (Italy)


By Barry Boyce, CyclingRevealed Historian



Foreign Riders Return to Lombardia During WW1

Newspaper and promoter of the Giro di Lombardia La Gazzetta went to great lengths to attract two of cycling huge stars, Belgian Philippe Thys (Tour de France winner in 1913 and 1914) and Frenchman Henri Pelissier (Lombardia champion in 1911 and 1913). The two would battle for the Lombardia victory while on leave from their military units.

Thys and Pelissier drove a 5 rider breakaway into the finish in Milan. Charles Jusseret (Bel), Thys’ teammate, led out the sprint for Thys. Quickly Pelisser jumped on Thys’ wheel. Pelissier known as the faster sprinter caused a heated finish to the race.

As the Frenchman sprinted to the lead, jerseys were grabbed and fists were thrown. Philippe Thys held on to the lead and crossed the finish line first. An angry Pelissier launch a heated protest, but officials ruled that both were responsible for the aggressive tactics. Belgian Philippe Thys was ruled the 1917 winner of the Giro di Lombardia.

SPECIAL NOTE: the 29th place of Alfonsina Strada was the only woman to finish the Giro di Lombardia in 1917 (29th place). She repeated her Lombardia finish in 1918 (21st place). 

GdL November 4, 1917
204 Km, Milan-Milan

1. Philippe THYS (Bel) 6h58'02"

2. Henri Pelissier (Fra)
3. Lepoldo Torricelli (Ita)
Starters: 54
Finishers: 29
Average Speed: 29.279 km/h


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