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39th Paris-Roubaix 1938 (France)


By Barry Boyce, CyclingRevealed Historian



Changing of the Belgian Guard

A three time winner of Paris-Roubaix, Gaston Rebry, arrived with great form. His presence provided great inspiration to the young Belgian neo-pros.

The pace of the race was slow until Rebry launch a series of hard attacks through the Town of Arras. Quickly each attack was answered by the peloton. The first meaningful breakaway came in the closing kilometers when Louise Hardiquest, one of Belgium's top classics riders, opened a large gap. Only Lucien Storme had the speed to catch Hardiquest and the duo flew into Roubaix .

As the two entered the final kilometer Storme punctured. He quickly got a wheel change and started an inspired pursuit. The gap was closing on the Avenue Gustave Delory and around the final bend a flying Storme caught and passed Hardiquest to claim the prestigious Paris-Roubaix victory.

P-R April 17, 1938
255 Km, Argenteuil (west of Paris) to Roubaix (Ave Gustave Delory)

1. Lucien STORME (Bel) 8h13'38

2. Louise Hardiquest (Bel)
3. Marcel Van Houtte (Bel) +6
Starters: 171
Finishers: 59
Average Speed: 30.936 km/h

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