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  Timeline: 1925  
By Barry Boyce, CyclingRevealed
Date Race Winner Distance
March 29, 1925 Milan-San Remo Costante Girardengo (Ita) 287 km
March 29, 1925 Tour of Flanders Julien Delbecque (Bel) 228 km
April 12, 1925 Paris-Roubaix Felix Sellier (Bel) 260 km
May 16-June 7, 1925 Giro d'Italia Alfredo Binda (Ita) 12 Stages, 3,520 km
June 14, 1925 Liege-Bastogne-Liege Georges Ronsse (Bel) 231 km
June 21-July 19, 1925 Tour de France Ottavio Bottechia (Ita) 18 Stages, 5,440 km
November 4, 1925 Giro di Lombardia Alfredo Binda (Ita) Milan-Milan, 251.4 km
  • Italy - January 3, 1925, Benito Mussolini disassembled the Italian Democratic government and took dictatorial control of the country.
  • Paris - Josephine Baker became a sensation when she performed new and creative dances with Le Revue Negre (the Negro Revue).
  • Great Britain - The Finance Ministry put Britain back on the Gold Standard.
  • Nellie Tayloe Ross - In Cheyenne, Wyoming on January 5, 1925, Ross became the first female governor in the United States.
  • The NFL - a struggling National Football League was saved when the Chicago Bears paid Red Grange, an All-American halfback from the University of Illinois, $100,000 to turn pro. Known as the Galloping Ghost, Grange filled stadiums around the league and saved the NFL.
  • Scopes “Monkey” Trial - 1925, John T. Scopes was on trial for teaching evolution in the public schools of Tennessee. William Jennings Bryan, a three-time candidate for President, used his fundamentalist preaching to prosecute for the State. The ACLU arranged for Clarence Darrow to defend Scopes. The jury decision went against Scopes, but the verdict was overturned a few days later.
  • London - 1925 marked the introduction of London's first double-decker buses.

Notable Deaths-
William Jennings Bryan, 1860-1925
, He was a gifted orator and three-time US presidential candidate. Bryan was trained as a lawyer and practiced law in Lincoln, Nebraska. He served as secretary of state under the administration of Woodrow Wilson. Bryan actively supported a constitutional amendment banning schools from teaching evolution. He participated in the famous 1925 Scopes Trial. An elder Bryan was exhausted by the trial, when Clarence Darrow called Bryan to the stand to testify. Bryan prevailed at the trial, but died on July 26, 1925, just five days after the trial’s conclusion.



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