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  Timeline: 1947 [The World begins to recover]  
By Barry Boyce, CyclingRevealed Historian
Date Race Winner Distance
March 19, 1947 Milan-San Remo Gino Bartali (Ita) 285 km
April 6, 1947 Paris-Roubaix George Clues (Bel) 246 km
April 20, 1947 Liege-Bastogne-Liege Richard Depoorter (Bel) 218 km
April 27, 1947 Tour of Flanders Emiel Faignaert (Bel) 275 km
May 12-June 5, 1947 Vuelta a Espana Edward van Dyck (Bel) 24 Stages, 3,893 km
May 24-June 15, 1947 Giro d'Italia Fausto Coppi (Ita) 19 Stages, 3,843 km
June 25-July 20, 1947 Tour de France Jean Robic (Fra) 21 Stages, 4,644 km
August 3, 1947 World Championships Theo Middelkamp (Bel) Reims, France 274.1 km
October 26, 1947 Giro di Lombardia Fausto Coppi (Ita) Milan-Milan, 222 km

•  Baseball USA - 1947, Jackie Robinson breaks the color barrier in Major League Baseball by signing a contract with the Brooklyn Dodgers.

•  US Congress - The House Un-American Activities Committee begins their investigation into communism in Hollywood.

•  India - August 15, 1947, Mohandas Ghandi leads India to independence from Great Britain. Pakistan separates from India.

•  The Marshall Plan - Secretary of State George C. Marshall proposed a $20 Billion for the re-construction of Europe. Congress quickly approved the Marshall Plan .

•  Bell X-1 - October 14, 1947, 24 year old Chuck Yeager piloted a jet aircraft faster than the speed of sound. The first supersonic flight marked the start of aviation's jet age.

Notable Deaths -
Al “Scarface” Capone,
1899-1947, one of America's most famous gangsters died in Miami Beach, Florida. During the 1920's and 30's Capone became Chicago's most notorious crime figure. The Federal Government eventually convicted him of tax evation and sent him to Alcatraz Prison.



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