Over the last decade, NEMRT has been one of the most prolific masters racing teams in New England. NEMRT riders have achieved an impressive list of local, regional and national results. The riders listed Hall of Fame have obtained at least one top three finish while a member of NEMRT. Barry Boyce has compiled the list of results according to the NEMRT archives, some results may be missing. If a former member notices that we have missed a result or two please send corrections and updates. In addition, if you have a better picture than the one that is depicted we would appreciate the improvement. The picture will be returned or maybe you could e-mail us a "jpg file" (bboyce2@comcast.net).

Mauricio Puente Barry Boyce Marshall Randolf

Doug Foy


John Bradley

Derek Williams

Henry Wilmer

Mark Hagen

Steve Jean

Bill Sifleet

Ed Morandi

Bob Haydock

Steve Levene

Peter Moss

Gary Hoffman

Mike Powers

Jane Oliver

Cindy Joiner

Neil Whitehouse

Elaine Braun-Keller

 Kathy Swanson

Jim McMillian

Frank Corsaro

Bob Fredette

 Mike Duck

 Bill Hartwell