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CyclingRevealed's First Impressions '07

Here at CyclingRevealed we will report on Le Tour in a manner that would appeal to those great cycling historians.

Tour de France 2007 Picture Recap

First Impressions - Intro '07 xxx Tour de France 07 Stage Profiles xxx

Prologue Mind the Gap!
Stage 1 "Ca ne fait rien"
Stage 11 Censorship
Stage 2 Chalk and Cheese
Stage 3 Roses of Picardie
Stage 4 The Big Cheese
Stage 5 What To Do? Stage 15 Magnificent Carnage
Stage 6 Conscience is but a Word That Cowards Use
Stage 6 Sup When Will They Ever Learn?
Stage 7 Allons, Enfants de la Patrie
Stage 8 From the Eagle to the Chicken
Rest Day 1 Breeding Legends
Stage 9 Shamed into Action

Stage 20 Final Impressions A New Beginning?


White Jersey / Best Young Rider

The White Jersey calculation is the same as the Yellow Jersey Classification. All riders in this classification must have been born after January 1, 1982 (26 years old or less).

Bastille Day
is a National holiday in France. History lessons tell us that Kings and Queens often used the Bastille (a prison in Paris) to lock up the dissidents.  To the people of France the Bastille was a symbol of all the bad things done by their Kings and Queens.  On July 14, 1789, a large force of French citizens stormed the Bastille and claimed independence for the people.  Today, July 14th symbolizes the end of Monarchial rule in France .  It is an Independence Day and the beginning of a new form of government.

Almost every year the Tour de France organizers schedule a stage on Bastille Day.  For a Frenchman to win that stage is very prestigious.  The following is a list of Bastille Day stage winners.

Laurent Jalabert a Bastille Day winner in 1995 and 2001



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