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Giro d'Italia 2006: A Daily Journal of CyclingRevealed's Perspective on the race

This is more than just a recap of the day's results!

Giro d'Italia 2006 Picture Recap

Giro d'Italia 06 Profiles & Maps

Stage 1 The Openning Salvo Stage 11 Roman Holiday
Stage 2 Slim Pickins Stage 12 Porscheta and Hangovers
Stage 3 Giro Classico Stage 13 Entering Gino Country
Stage 4 The Last 'Demie' Stage 14 Crossroads of History
Stage 5 Yuk, Cremona! Stage 15 The Last Hurrah
Stage 6 Chariot Race Stage 16 Only Angels Need Apply!
Stage 7 Saber Rattling Stage 17 Marketing Assasins!
Stage 8 Wish You Were Here Stage 18 Sud Tirol-Holiday Paradice
Stage 9 Return of the Gruppeto Stage 19 Know Your 'Marmolada' from Your 'Fedaia'
Stage 10 Southern Comfort Stage 20 Fork in the Road

Stage 21 The Fat Lady Sings


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Giro d'Italia 06 (Click to enlarge)