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TdF Record:
Most different YJ wearers in one Tour (8)





CyclingRevealed's First Impressions '08

Here at CyclingRevealed we will report on Le Tour in a manner that would appeal to those great cycling historians.

Tour de France 2008 Picture Recap

First Impressions - Intro 08: "Les Follies du Tour" xx Tour de France 08 Stage Profiles

Stage 1 x Sons of Brittany Stage 11 x Raison d'être
Stage 2 x My First Hero Stage 12 x Traitors' Gate
Stage 3 x Journey to the Center of the Earth! Stage 13 x A Straightforward Affair
Stage 4 x Battle of Cholet Stage 14 x Sweet Smell of Success
Stage 5 x The Longest Day Stage 15 x A Seven Mile Race
Stage 6 x Bring Out the Climbing Legs Rest Day 2 x A Great Tour
Stage 7 x Nerves of Steel Stage 16 x Eagles and Angels
Stage 8 x Transition Stage 17 x Triumph of Mortal Intelligencel
Stage 9 x Let the Racing Begin! Stage 18 x A Head-Banger Special!
Stage 10x CSC's Bloodletting in the Circle of Death Stage 19 x Lull Before the Storm
Stage 10 Supplement Entry into the Circle of Death Stage 20 x The Hautacam Spell
Rest Day 1 x Low Expectations, Awesome Racing  

Stage 21 Final Impressions Accolade of a Great Tour


Bastille Day
is a National holiday in France .  History lessons tell us that Kings and Queens often used the Bastille (a prison in Paris) to lock up the dissidents.  To the people of France the Bastille was a symbol of all the bad things done by their Kings and Queens.  On July 14, 1789, a large force of French citizens stormed the Bastille and claimed independence for the people.  Today, July 14th symbolizes the end of Monarchial rule in France .  It is an Independence Day and the beginning of a new form of government.

Almost every year the Tour de France organizers schedule a stage on Bastille Day.  For a Frenchman to win that stage is very prestigious.  The following is a list of Bastille Day stage winners.

Laurent Jalabert a Bastille Day winner in 1995 and 2001



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