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Giro d'Italia 2007: A Daily Journal of CyclingRevealed's Perspective on the race

This is more than just a recap of the day's results!

Giro d'Italia 2007 Picture Recap

Giro d'Italia 07 Profiles & Maps Intro: Mixed Emotions

Stage 1 Seeing Pink Stage 11 Storm in a Teacup
Stage 2 Slim Pickens' 2007 Stage 12 "Killer" on the Loose
Stage 3 Community Racing Stage 13 The Sword of Damocles
Rest Day 1 Summary Stage 14 A Cruel Shock
Stage 4 Dead and Gone to Heaven Stage 15 A Sea of Humanity
Stage 5 Promiscuous Cultivation Rest Day 2 Summary
Stage 6 Good and Evil Stage 16 Bovine Indifference
Stage 7 15 Turns Stage 17!!! Amore!
Stage 8 Super Size That! Stage 18 A Town Called X...?
Stage 9 All Promise and No Performance Stage 19 Cruel Therapy
Stage 10 Mid-life Crisis Stage 20 Speed, Skill, Strength and Stamina

Stage 21 A "Killer" Giro


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Giro d'Italia 07 (Click to enlarge)