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62nd World Championship Road Race 1995


By Barry Boyce, CyclingRevealed Historian













Olano’s Dramatic Puncture

Cycling crazy Columbia welcomed the 1995 World Championship Road Race to Duitama. The tough 265 km race course (15 laps of 17.7 km) was designed for climbers. 

At the end of the 14th lap Miguel Indurain punctured and needed a bike change. He re-connects by the end of the lap as the led group was down to 9 riders. Indurain wasted no time attacking hard upon catching the leaders. The move was quickly covered when Spanish teammate Abraham Olano launched a counter-attack. 

With Olano away Indurain and Jose Jimenez worked hard to slow the chase. The effort of Italian Marco Pantani on the climb closed the gap. Indurain and Mauro Gianetti (Sui) were able to hold Pantani over the summit of the climb. The time gap was down to 15 seconds as the descent started. 

Olano began to recover and extended the lead on the rapid descent. Disaster struck as the Spaniard passed under the 1 km banner. His rear tubular tire punctured. Race announcer David Duffield in a state of shock colorfully described the finish, “…HE”S GOT A FLAT BACK TIRE AS WELL!!!.  This is mind blowing. Right behind him Gianetti is going like stink!  This is shear drama!!!” 

Steady as she goes” Olano kept his cool and his bike upright to win the 1995 World Road Race Championship in dramatic style.

WCRR October 8, 1995
265.5 Km [ Duitama, Colombia ]

1. Abraham OLANO (Spa) 7h09’55”

2. Miguel Indurain (Spa) +35”

3. Marco Pantani (Ita)

Starters: 98
Finishers: 20
Average Speed: 37.050 km/h

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