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29th World Championship Road Race 1962


By Barry Boyce, CyclingRevealed Historian









Jean Stablinski with Irish Teammate's Help

The 1962 World Road Race Championships in Salo di Garda, Italy was greeted with hot temperatures. The race was contested over 285.2 kms.

Irishman Seamus Elliott got into the winning 4 rider breakaway with his trade-team captain Jean Stablinski (Fra). Elliott and Stablinski worked hard to wear down the other elites in the breakaway. Slowly the group was reduced in numbers.

Late in the race, when Stablinski attacked, Elliott refused to chase. The inspired Frenchman won alone 1 min. 22 sec. ahead of Elliott and the hard charging chasers to gain the World Championship victory.

Irishman Seamus Elliott eventually broke away and finished second.

SPECIAL NOTE: Elliott admitted after the race he had sacrificed his chance for Stablinski. The Irishman said: "I'm not supposed to say that I helped Jean, but he's the best friend I've got in cycling and godfather to my son, Pascal. So I couldn't very well go after him, could I?"

WCRR September 2, 1962
285.2 Km [ Salo, Italy ]

1. Jean STABLINSKI (Fra) 7h43’11”

2. Seamus Elliott (Ire) +1’22”

3. Jos Hoevenaers (Bel) +1’44”

Starters: 69
Finishers: 36
Average Speed: 38.370 km/h

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