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Cyclo-Cross Historical Results

Cyclo-Cross Introduction

World Cyclo-Cross Championships 1950-2013

Criterium International of Cyclo-Cross 1924-1949 (unofficial World Championships)

World Cup of Cyclo-Cross 1993-2013

Super Prestige of Cyclo-Cross 1982-2013

French CX National Championships 1902-2013
Belgian CX National Championships 1910-2013
Swiss CX National Championships 1912-2011
Italian CX National Championships 1930-2011

CX Results by the Year-

Cyclo-Cross Results 1902-1929

Cyclo-Cross Results 1930-1949

Cyclo-Cross Results 1950-1979

Cyclo-Cross Results 1980-2005

Cyclo-Cross Results 2006-2011

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Muddy Marvelous! USA CX Nats: Surviving the Storm





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