89th Giro di Lombardia 1995 (Italy)


By Barry Boyce, CyclingRevealed Historian



An Aggressive Race of Attrition

The race left the new start in Varese and immediately reached a very rapid pace. Twenty-eight riders led by Maurizio Fondriest escaped only 10 kms into the race. The average speed for the first hour was 42.56 km/h.

Over the summit of the Madonna del Ghisallo 98 kms into the race the lead group began to shatter. The lead group was now down to 13 riders with a lead of 1’46”. The Team Polti led peloton shattered on the descent of the Ghisallo. A counter-attack of 18 chasing riders broke clear but were chased down by the summit of the Col de Brianza at the128 km mark of the race. The lead to the breakaway extended to 1’56” on the chasing peloton.

The breakaway crumbled on the long climb of the Colle Valpiana. A new lead group formed including Oscar Pellicioli, Piotr Ugrumov, Angelo Lecchi, Leonardo Piepoli, Daniele Nardello, Felice Puttini and Rolf Jaermann and took a small lead over the summit. As the race passed the 160 km mark the seven leaders held an 18 second gap on nine chasers, a 36 second gap on a second strong chase group that included Pascal Richard and Claudio Chiappucci and a 1’20” on the remainder of a dwindling peloton. There was a general re-grouping on the descent, with the lead group of 45 riders entering the finishing area in Bergamo for the first time. The race had a 60 km loop to the finish.

With 55 kms to go attacks began again in rapid succession. Gianni Faresin attacked but was quickly caught. Aggressively six riders led on the ascent of the Colle del Gallo.  Michele Bartoli attacked 2 kms into the climb and reached the summit with 30 km to go with a lead of 42 seconds on two chasers Faresin and Nardello.

Over the next 10 kms Bartoli stubbornly held the time gap, but Faresin and Nardello were slowly closing. The two chasers joined the leader with 15 kms to go.

Lampre's Gianni Faresin!!!

When the race returned to Bergamo Gianni Faresin launched the decisive attacked at 2 kms to go and opened up the winning margin of 19 seconds as he cruised across the finish line for the 1995 Lombardia victory.

GdL October 21, 1995
252 Km, Varese-Bergamo

1. Gianni FARESIN (Ita) 5h49’02”

2. Daniele Nardello (Ita) +19”

3. Michele Bartoli (Ita)

Starters: 165
Finishers: 57
Average Speed: 43.321 km/h (Record Ave. Speed)


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