47th Giro di Lombardia 1953 (Italy)


By Barry Boyce, CyclingRevealed Historian



Neo-Pro Survives the Deluge and "Finishing Chaos" for the Victory

Confusion reigned as 11 riders came into the finish in Milan. A heavy rain started late in the race and forced the organizers to move the finish from the wooden track of the Vigorelli Velodrome to the main road leading into the velodrome.

Chaos greeted the riders at the final round-about before the finish line. An inadvertent hand signal by a course marshal sent 9 of the 11 riders (including superstars Stan Ockers and Fiorenzo Magni) off course. Belgian Pino Cerimi and young Italian neo-pro Bruno Landi hit the correct finishing straight and contested the final sprint. Confused by the other riders mistake Cerimi hesitated and Landi jumped away. The young Italian held off Cerimi to score a huge Lombardia victory. Fiorenzo Magni’s heated protest was denied by race officials.

GdL October 25, 1953
222 Km, Milan-Milan (Vigorelli Velodrome entrance)

1. Bruno LANDI (Ita) 6h01'50"

2. Pino Cerami (Bel)
3. Pierre Molineris (Fra)
Starters: 142
Finishers: 67
Average Speed: 36.812 km/h


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