Photos from the Philadelphia International Championships 2008: Women

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Women's Race

Commissaire Extraordinaire

Women's start line

Peloton turning onto Kelly Drive

Kristin Armstrong's solo breakaway

Kristin headed for The Wall

Meredith Miller chasing hard

Chantal Beltman tucked in nicely

Lauren Franges leads Kim Anderson (hidden) and Emma Rickards with 1 lap to go

High Road controlling affairs

The breakaway's gap closes as the bell lap begins


Beltman well placed

Beltman escaped over Lemon Hill

A mad dash to the finish

The peloton closing

Chantal Beltman digs deep


Brooke Miller grabs second

Beltman and Teutenberg in the press tent

An elated Chantal Beltman



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Road temperature measurement 120 F (49 C)


Race officials promote Philly in the openning laps


Dwayne Gray (R) instructs marshals


Philly's finest provide safety for the riders


23 year veteran Dwayne keeps the race course well marshalled


TV cameras cover the race


Fans followed the race on the Jumbo-tron


Mayor Michael Nutter


One of Philly's famous fountains


One of the many statues along Franklin Blvd.


The City of Brotherly Love


Beltman inerviewed for Channel 6


Live Coverage from the press tent