Photos from the Philadelphia International Championships 2008:

Elite Men

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Magnus Backstedt headed for sign in

Bernard Eisel with the race announcer

Daniele Bennati attracts a crowd

The final sign in sheet... ?

Ooops, one last sign in

Oscar Sevilla called to the start

Sevilla and Bennati chat on the start line

Last year's winner Matthew Goss

Big Magnus Backstedt and the Cuban sprinter Ivan Dominguez

Freddy Rodriguez and Rory Sutherland


High Road's Bernard Eisel and Servais Knaven

Tyler Hamilton awaits the start

At 9:01 the Mayor started the race

The peoton heads out for the first of ten 14.9 mike laps

Andre Sorensen and Dan Vallencourt escape at the end of the first lap

Health Net drives the chase

Tim Johnson talks to the team car at more than 30 mph

Feed zone opened early because of the heat

Peloton carefully exits the feed zone

Fast pace around Logan Circle


Attacks begin to split the pack


The first serious breakaway group escaped on lap 3


The peloton chasing at 8'58" behind the breakaway


The breakaway cruises along Franklin Blvd.


The 7 rider breakaway's lead fell to 6 '40" halfway through the race


High Road driving the pace


The peloton headed into the 5th lap


The breakaway held a dwindling lead (3'50") going into the 6th lap


At the end of lap 6 the breakaway was down to 5 riders


A single file chase


Lunch on the road


The peloton passes Philly's famous boat house row


Former teammate and voice of Lemon Hill Rich Fries cheer on Hamilton


Peloton over Lemon Hill


A new 3 rider breakaway


A serious chase coming off Lemon Hill


The breakaway headed down Kelly Drive with 2 long laps and 3 Lemon Loops to go


The chase slowed just after the feed zone


A long, hot day is over for Victor Hugo Pena


The Tuft breakaway group heads into the 3 Lemon Loops with a slim lead


Sven Tuft attacks solo going into the final 3 Lemon Loops


Rory Sutherland (R) and Chris Jones (L) away with 1 Lemon Loop to go


Justin Spinelli leads the hard charging peloton


Hilton Clarke (R) and Hamilton close the gap


Matti Breschel (R) and Kirk O'Bree jockey for position




Breschel powers away for the victory