Photos from the Philadelphia International Championships 2007: Women

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Women's Race

The start line

Charging down Kelly Drive

Superior support for the riders

Kristin Armstrong storms Lemon Hill

The Wall

Kristin Armstrong drives the pace up the Wall

Leaders on the Manayunk Wall

Kristin Armstrong

Encouragement as the Wall get steep

Last time over Lemon Hill



Ina Teutenberg celebrates









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Philly's finest welcome the race


The voice of Lemon Hill Rich Fries


Aaron the press van driver


Head marshal Extraordinaire


Teutenberg interview


Floyd in Philly


The press tent


Philly's finest provide safety for the riders


T-Mobile helmet check #1


UCI Continental points leader Svain Tuft


T-Mobile helmet check #2


Pinotti "I know I've got my helmet..."


Two former Philly winners


Dwayne and Darrel discuss the finer points of the race