Photos from the Philadelphia International Championships 2007: Men

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First lap solo breakaway

Peloton chasing

Early breakaway group

Peloton cruises past Philly's
famous Boat House Row

Jittery Joe's Neil Shirley leads on
Lemon Hill

Breakaway on Lemon Hill

Peloton chasing

Leaders on the Manayunk Wall

U23 star Jesse Anthony

Manayunk Wall gets steeper at the top


CSC's Danish champion Alan Johanssen

Hard working Tim Johnson drives the chase

T-Mobile's Bernard Eisel

The start of an Irish breakaway
coming off Lemon Hill

Single line chase

Ciaren Power and David O'Laughlin
on Kelly Drive

Feed Zone

Lunch on the road

Serious late breakaway with
Roger Hammond

T-Mobile controls the peloton


The breakaway gets 4 to go


Team Slipstream leads the
hard chasing


The peloton back together with 3 "Lemon Loops" to go


Penotti breakaway


Breakaway caught with
2 laps to go


Leadout trains begin to work on the
final "Lemon Loop"


At the 2km sign Blaudzun and
Hammond start the leadout

Haedo has Eisel's wheel


Fighting for position


Eisel leads

Haedo closes




JJ Haedo celebrates



KoM winner Jittery Joe's Neil Shirley