“Racing doesn't get any easier,
you just get faster.”
Greg Lemond (USA)

  Trivia 2005/2006
By Barry Boyce
Cycling Historian

Cycling Revealed Trivia Contest

The weekend is over but the cycling excitement continues on CyclingRevealed. For the next five months we will be posting a new trivia quiz every Monday. The competition is free and there are prizes.

We draw on the rich history of elite professional racing to take you on a journey through our fascinating sport. There are the Grand Tours, the classics, great champions and domestiques, famous climbs and much more.

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January Competition #3 Answers to Quiz 1 / Answers to Quiz 2 / Answers to Quiz 3 / Answers to Quiz 4

February Competition #4 Quiz 1 / Quiz 2 / Quiz 3 / Quiz 4

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Cycling History Trivia Challenge
Are you ready for a challenge? Learn what you know and what you don't about cycling history. Take one or more of our practice quizzes below.

"Each quiz is 30 questions. You take 5 random questions at a time. Do it multiple time and enjoy the experience." There is no time limit for the practice quizzes.

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