December 2008

By Graham Jones
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CyclingRevealed's 2008 Year in Review

Monthly Features

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Grand Tours

In 2008 we provided over 60 days of ‘same-day' daily reporting for each of the Grand Tours. In addition to capturing the race action we also provided travelogue information and commentary as these great races wove their way around Europe . Click on the race icons above to relive these great events

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Know your sport – history and more

A unique feature of CyclingRevealed is our ongoing compilation cycling knowledge. A major project is our 100 Years of Cycling and World History. Here we are providing snapshots of every single year through the 20th Century with major race results as well as major world history events. Check this feature often as we are adding to it all of the time.

Last June we completed our countdown in the Top 25 Tours of all Time (#1 logo above) . Read about these great Tours and see if you agree with our ranking.

Now in progress is our Top 20 Classics countdown. There are astounding stories from the great one-day races that deserve being retold. Follow our series and again let us know if you agree with our ranking.

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A Look Back at 2008

Every year at this time the clocks change, the temperatures drop and we put our summer shorts away for the long months of winter. In the world of pro racing, teams restructure for the coming year while new teams are forming and some simply disband. Exciting young riders move up to the pro level while other long time, highly accomplished riders reach the end of the road and we bid them farewell.

In time history may look at 2007 as a watershed year not only in our sport, but for sport in general. Hardly a day went by without some drug related news feeding the media headlines. In recent years many big names have fallen from grace after having been proven cheats by sophisticated laboratory tests. Some of the culprits have invested millions of dollars in trying to prove their innocence. Not one of them has succeeded. But it is not only the riders who are guilty as team directors and others are being unmasked in the efforts to eradicate this evil.

Happily 2007 was not all about drugs. Throughout the year we were treated to fantastic racing. In spite of the deluge of negative press it was a clear that the general public was not fazed. Watching TV of all the important races it was clear that the roads were lined all year by huge numbers of enthusiastic and supportive fans. The absolute high point must have been the two days in Great Britain where about 3 million people are said to have come out to see the Tour's prologue in London and then Stage 1 through Kent .

CyclingRevealed reported on the events and races of 2007 with informative dialogue and great photo albums. Our range of material spanned the entire history of cycling from its formative days in the 19th Century right up to the modern day. With the season now slipping into its winter slumber we keep you entertained with our very popular ‘Monday Trivia' competition.

Go to our Table of Contents page and delve through not only 2007 but also the past few years. We archive everything in an easy to find manner.

Meanwhile keep riding and make sure that is on your list of web site favorites. 2008 is just up the road!



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