CR Quiz #18 (Monday, March 2, 2015) (15 Total Points)


Ave Score / quiz

As part of Tour de France legend this picture portrays a famous incident where a rider repairs his own broken front fork: 

TdF: Who is this rider? (1 Point)
A. Lucian Petit-Breton
B. Francois Faber
C. Henri Pelissier

D. Eugene Christophe
E. Nicholas Frantz

TdF: In which TdF year did the “Festina Affair” occur? (2 Points)
A. 1995
B. 1996
C. 1997

D. 1998
E. 1999

VaE: The 1977 Vuelta champion was Belgian Freddy Maertens. How many stage wins did he have in 1977? (3 Points)
A. 0
B. 5
C. 9

D. 13

CLASSICS: Which of Cycling’s 5 Monuments was not won by Sean Kelly? (4 Points)
A. Milan-San Remo
B. Tour of Flanders
C. Paris-Roubaix
D. Liege-Bastogne-Liege
E. Lombardia

GENERAL: In cycling, what is the "Ruban Jaune" (Yellow Ribbon) awarded for? (5 Points)
A. An award for the most aggressive rider in the TdF
B. An award for the wife of the TdF Champion

C. An award for the all-time fastest average speed in a race over 200kms
D. An award for the director sportif with the most grand Tour victories
E. The lead ride from Paris

The "Ruban Jaune" (yellow ribbon) was created in 1936 by Henri Desgrange to honor the racers for fastest (Ave Speed) race over 200km.  It kept the name of "Ruban Jaune" (Yellow Ribbon) by parallel with the “Ruban Bleu” (blue ribbon) attributed to the fastest vessels in crossings of the Atlantic Ocean.  The yellow color being the one of the newspaper "Le Auto" already used for the race leader’s jersey in the Tour de France.  1936 Gustave Danneels (Bel) 6h03'17" (41,455 km/h) in Paris-Tours, 251 km,

  • 1938 Jules Rossi (Ita) 5h57'47" (42,092 km/h) in Paris-Tours, 251 km,
  • 1948 Rik Van Steenbergen (Bel) 5h38'26" (43,612 km/h) in Paris-Roubaix, 246 km
  • 1955 : Jacques Dupont (Fra) 5h47'48" (43,666 km/h) in Paris-Tours, 253 km,
  • 1962 : Jo de Roo (P-B) 5h57'26" (44,903 km/h) in Paris-Tours, 267 km,
  • 1964 : Peter Post (P-B) 5h52'19" (45,129 km/h) in Paris-Roubaix, 265 km,
  • 1975 : Freddy Maertens (Bel) 6h11'30" (46,110 km/h) in Paris-Bruxelles, 285 km,
  • 1997 : Andrei Tchmil (Ukr) 5h23'44" (47,080 km/h) in Paris-Tours, 254 km
  • 2003 : Erik Zabel (Ger) 5h24'55’’ (47,550 km/h) in Paris-Tours, 257 km
  • 2010 : Óscar Freire (Spa) 4h52'54’’ (47.730 km/h) in Paris-Tours, 233 km
  • 2012 : Marco Marcato (Ita) 4h52'54’’ (48.629 km/h) in Paris-Tours, 235.5 km