CR Quiz #14 (Monday, Feb. 3, 2014) (15 Total Points)


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GRAND TOURS: Which of the 3 Grand Tours is the oldest? (1 Point)
A. Giro d’Italia [1907]
B. Tour de France [1903]
C. Vuelta a Espana [1935]
D. All started in the same year

WCRR: During the history of the World Championship RR which country has a sweep of all 3 podium positions? (2 Points)
A. Italy [done in 1927, the first WCRR]
B. France
C. Belgium
D. Netherlands
E. No country has swept the podium

True or False: Francesco Moser is the only rider to win Paris-Roubaix 3 years in a row. (3 Points)
False [Octave Lapize also won P-R in 1909, 1910, 1911]

WCRR: In which country (on a man-made climb on the circuit) did Rudy Dhaenens win his World RR Championship? (4 Point)
A. Italy
B. France
C. Belgium
E. Japan [Utsunomiya, Japan, on a course which featured a man-made steep (12% max) and twisting climb]

GRAND TOURS: Who was the first rider to win all 3 Grand Tours (not done in the same year)? (5 Point)
A. Fausto Coppi [No Vuelta]
B. Jacques Anquetil [TdF 1957, GdI 1960, VaE 1963]
C. Eddy Merckx [TdF 1969, GdI 1968, VaE 1973]
D. Bernard Hinault [TdF 1978, GdI 1980, VaE 1978]
E. Miguel Indurain [No Vuelta]