CR Quiz #9 (Monday, Dec. 31, 2012) (15 Total Points)


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Happy New Year!!!
Which Spanish Champion never had a victory in the Vuelta a Espana held? (1 Point)
A. Luis Ocana
B. Pedro Delgado
C. Abraham Olano
D. Miguel Indurain

(True or False) Dennis Menchov was the first rider to win the Vuelta a Espana five (5) times? (2 Points)
A. True
B. False

Freddy Maertens won the 1977 Vuelta a Espana overall.  How many stages did he win that year? (3 Points)
A. 0
B. 5
C. 7
D. 10
E. 13 !!!

Spanish History has played a large part in the Vuelta a Espana.  Why was the 1936 edition of the Vuelta NOT held? (4 Points)
A. Too few riders
B. Government sanctions
C. Poor road conditions
D. Civil War
E. Nazi occupation

From 1935 until “this year” the Vuelta a Espana struggle for consistency with various yearly interruptions. What year did the Vuelta start running annually? (5 Points)
A. 1941
B. 1947
C. 1950
D. 1955
E. 1965