CR Quiz #12 (Monday, Jan. 21, 2013) (15 Total Points)


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Paris Roubaix is the “Queen of classics” and has a long storied history of exploits in often horrendous conditions.
In what year was the first PR held? (1Point)
A. 1892  [Liege-Bastogne-Liege]
B. 1896  [Paris-Roubaix]
C. 1905  [Lombardia]
D. 1907  [Milan-San Remo]
E. 1913  [Flanders]

In 1988 Dirk Demol had an easy sprint victory over breakaway companion Thomas Wegmuller on the streets of Roubaix (Race did not finish in velodrome that year).
Why was Demol’s victory easy? (2 Points)
A. Wegmuller punctured just as the sprint started
B. Wegmuller did the majority of the work in the over 200 kilometer breakaway and was exhausted
C. A plastic bag caught in Wegmuller’s derailleur blocking his gears
D. Demol caught Wegmuller looking the wrong way when he started his sprint
E. A spectator almost knocked Wegmuller down as the sprint started

Who was the last rider to win Paris-Roubaix 3 years in a row? (3 Points)
A. Tom Boonen (Bel)
B. Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle (Fra)
C. Roger De Vlaeminck (Bel)
D. Francesco Moser (Ita)  [1978, 1979, 1980]
E. Rik Van Looy (Bel)

The winner of the first race was from what country? (4 Points)
A. Belgium
B. France
C. Germany  [Josef Fischer (Ger)]
D. Great Britain
E. Holland

Which Paris-Roubaix winner holds the record for the fastest average speed? (5 Points)
A. Peter Post  [45.129 km/h (28.042 mph), 1964, 265 km (165 mi)] Read More
B. Johan Museeuw  [43.305 km/h (26.908 mph), 1996, 262 km (163 mi)]
C. Rik Van Steenbergen  [43.612 km/h (27.099 mph), 1948, 246 km (153 mi)]
D. Fabian Cancellara  [42.181 km/h, 2006, 259 km (160.9 mi)]
E. Pino Cerami  [43.538 km/h (27.053 mph), 1960, 262 km (163 mi)]