CR Quiz #10 (Monday, Jan. 7, 2013) (15 Total Points)


Ave Score / quiz

This picture captured an “epic day” in a Grand Tour!!! In which Grand Tour did this take place? (1 Point)
A. Giro D’Italia
B. Tour de France
C. Vuelta a Espan

Who is the “epic” American rider? (2 Points)
A. Ron Keifel
B. Alex Steida
C. Andy Hampsten
D. Bob Roll
E. Davis Phinne

In what year did this “epic ride” occur?? (3 Points)
A. 1985
B. 1986
C. 1987
D. 1988
E. 1989

Which pass is being climbed during this “epic ride”? (4 Points)
A. Col du Tourmalet
B. Passo di Gavia
C. Bola Del Mundo
D. Passo Stelvio
E. Col d’Aubisque

Who won the stage that “epic” day? (5 Points)
A. Urs Zimmerman
B. Johan van der Velde
C. Franco Choccioli
D. Eric Breukink