A TdF 2004 Special

By Kirsten Begg
Cycling Historian









A CR/OLN/CCB Tour de France Exclusive


Hotel: 7

July 9, 2004 

Odometer: 1650 km

Angers, France

TDF riders seen: A few more

Day: 12

Stage: 6

Stage 6

Ah, it’s a great day … laundry day #1!! Far more important than the additions of programming and talent OLN’s Cyclysm is that this year we will have two laundry days. Normally there is one laundry day when we are given trash bags to chuck our dirty stuff into. We drop them off at the truck and one of the crew administration staff schleps it all to a local launderette. (Hopefully who has been suitably alerted to the avalanche of laundry heading their way.)

Tomorrow is laundry day so today the dirty stuff goes away and we get it back on Monday – the rest day - so the only important thing is not to put ALL your clothes in the laundry – need to keep enough back to get you through to Monday.

Last night driving into Angers we/I had my first Kodak moment with the French speeding cameras. Speeding laws in France have clamped down big time and we have to limit our speed to about 140 km/p max on the highway. That’s fine we just put it on cruise but we all came off the highway and into Angers and immediately there was a 70 km/h zone. Well the speed camera flashlight was flashing like 4th of July fireworks! When we all compared notes at the hotel it seems like we all got nabbed. Then this morning I set another camera off driving to the finish. Skoda France will have quite a collection of snaps by the time we are done.

Alright well it’s a quiet day so I have downloaded Bob’s photo card.

A toute a l’heure.


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