Photos from the Salem Witches Cup Criterium 2007: Men Pro 1,2,3

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PRO 1,2,3
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First lap

Pack racing past the Hawthorne Hotel

Early breakaway group featuring eventual winner Mark McCormack

Peloton cruises along the far side of the park

The statue of Roger Conant watches over the race

Peloton drives up the back stretch

McCormack breaks away solo

CCB's Jeff Craddock in a hard chase

Mavic pit on the first corner

Fast pace blur

Jesse Anthony chasing hard with 4 to go

McCormack leads the break with 3 to go

Leaders back together with 2 to go

Leaders get the bell with 1 to go

Tyler Munroe leads a chase group home




Final sprint



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Boxer greets the rider on the start line


Lap 2 breakaway


Women drive the pace to the Witches Museum


Lynn Bessette and Rebecca Wellens


Breakaway flies past the statue of Roger Conant



Bessette attacks with 2 to go


Wellens leads into the bell lap


Victory to Bessette


Men Cat 4-5
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The start


John Bernhard and Gerald Harris try to get away


Big pack through the far turn


Steve Stanganelli fights to hang on


Peloton settles down... briefly


Sean Langford in control


Bernhard joins another breakaway


Gerald Harris counter attack


Langford's bid for victory with 3 to go


Still away with 2 to go



Still away with 1 to go, but the chase is closing


The sprint


The winner


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Salem police on skooters


Steve Stanganelli can still smile after it was over


Cannon awaits the peloton


Mountain bikers need not apply


CCB's cycling guru...


Tyler Munroe and Sean Langford


CCB's Jake Hollenbach


Karen Nash offers a few words of advice to Leo Devellian


Salem Cyclery's Kurt Schmid


Junior National Champion Gavin Mannion


Paul Richard, a very strong return to racing in 2007


Jimmy V back from the Banyan Tree


The eyes of concentration


This will be easy...!?


Skip Foley and Gavin Mannion


McCormack and Foley talking football


CCB's 55+ racer Larry Stachowiak


The Mannion Clan


"Barnacle" Bill Martel


Neil Callahan and Steve Freiman


Tyler Jr and Tyler Sr enjoy a laugh after the race


CCB's all-time town line sprinter


When old guys crash bad things happen


Kaely Munroe and dad


Moustache man!!!