Photos from the Providence Criterium 2007

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Masters 45+

First tme through the last corner

Fast pace early

First preme to George Adams

Tommy Mannion in control

The breakaway gets started

The chase

Skip Foley driving the pace

Foley and Munroe on the hill

CCB covering the action

Karl Hembrecht lne up the corner


Michael Kranzley feeling the hard pace

The breakaway extends the lead

CCB's shinning star!

The chase heats up

The Pink and Blue


Solid effort in the breakaway

The chasers feeling the pain of the hill

One lap to go!

One more time up this hill!

The sprint


The victory!

The field sprint

5th, 6th, and 7th

The podium


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Master 35+


First preme


Flyng through the corners


Up the hill


Stay at the front




Drive the pace




The sprint


The win


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Category 3/4


A late breakaway attempt


Solo breakaway


The chase


The peloton


The old and the new (Gellneau 57, Mannion 16)


Breakaway is caught


The win!


Gavin 2nd


A rising young star


Good job son! Now it's my turn...