Photos from the Michael Schott Memorial RR 2010

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PRO 1,2,3
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Lining up for the start

Man! These guys are old...

50 year old Eddy O surveys how young the peloton's average age

The Kelly Infiniti pace car leads the race off the start line

The first lap warm-up

The peloton's pace heats up

Aggressive early racing

CCB led breakaway

The field

Group 2 on the hairpin turn

The next breakaway

An aggressive move on the back stretch

The winning attack

CCB covering the chase

The chasing peloton


Cogburn and Lindine open the gap


Chasers in the S-turn


Pace car on the hairpin turn


Group 2


Peloton chasing hard


Peloton drives up the home stretch


Team Fuji driving the chase


The breakaway with 1 to go


Attacks begin


Peloton with 1 lap to go


The peloton up the finish straight


Lindine moves away from Cogburn


Justin Lindine


Ciarin Mangan sprints past Mark McCormack for 3rd


Men Cat 4-5
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The start


Controlled early pace


The pace increases


Attacks begin


The breakaway forms


The chase


JR's moto controlling affairs


A solid Breakaway


The solo chase


The breakaway group at the top of the course


The chase


The pace car in the hairpin turn


The breakaway pulling away


The chase in the hairpin


A new breakaway


The peloton


A late breakaway


The breakaway is caught


Chasing hard


One to go!!!



The winner


Team celebration


Feeling the early season pain


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The beautiful Marblehead Neck

"I can't find my spot...?"


Jim and Lesley trying to keep warm


The Ryans


The Puncture

Larry Stackowiak after his puncture


Vince's busy intersection


Mark Ames in the gorgeous pace car!


Kim's corner was well controlled
David's corner


Steve Hazeltine's traffic control


"I told you not to invite this guy...which one?"


Bill Hamilton ex-officio Mayor of Marblehead Neck


Kelly Inifinity Pace Car


The brains of CCB, but not under that cap...!?! Jones made me do it



Steve Frieman controls the road


Geoff Hamilton with the pace car drivers