Pictures from Fitchburg 2006


CCB pictures from Stage 2 John Finch Circuit Race and Stage 3 Mount Wachusetts Road Race

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Stage 2 John Finch Circuit Race

JRís Moto leading the way

Ciaren in the circuit race

The voice Rich Fries

Gene Petrella

Dave Taylorís solid ride in the CR

Dzmitri and Gene leading up the hill

JRís Moto keeping the pack tidy

Jake Hollenbach in action


The 35+ field charging up the hill

Sean Langford at the finish of the CR

Phil Porter on the Cat 4 podium


CCB's Cat 4 team


Word of wisdom from the Master

Pucci said something about a cow










Stage 3 Mount Wachusetts Road Race





Amos in the breakaway takes a bottle


Patrick in the feed zone


Dan cruising up the hill


Ciaren working hard


Richard Geng in the breakaway


Jake leads them up the hill


Feed zones crew getting ready


Igor and Sasha


Dzmitry driving the pace


Gene working hard


This hill is not easy


Dzmitry on the attack


Stolen water bottle!?!


We made sure next lap!


Big Andy felt that hill


Can you tell which of these 2 is a climber



Here I am...


Got it !