Photos: Exeter (NH) Criterium 2007

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Men's Pro123

Expert attention to the REAR Derailleur

The future of CCB racing Doogie Mead

Long time CCB stalwarts

Tyler Munroe leads an early attack

Nerac controls the chase

Constant attacking kept the pace fast

Flat and fast race course

Preme lap effort

New England legend Tommy Young

"Fast Jake" is a blur on a $100 preme


Attacking the preme

Counter attack

A serious late breakaway

Jon Hamblen drives the pace

The hard chase closes quickly


Adam Myerson's Nerac leadout train

Last lap jockying for positon

Photo finish...



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Women's Pro123


Samantha "Sam" Dery attacks the 1st lap


The peloton


Sue McLean joins a small group


NEBC in control


CCB's Marta Downing wins a $100 preme


90 degree tempeatures stressed the riders


Attacking the preme


Gruppo Compacto


NEBC sets up for the final lap


1 lap to go


The winner!










"I would do it all over again, only better this time.
Eddy Merckx (Bel)