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CyclingRevealed's First Impressions '06

The impressionists revolutionized art when they started to capture the world around them with colorful and spontaneous impressions. Here at CyclingRevealed we will report on Le Tour in a manner that would appeal to those great pioneers of art.

Tour de France 2006 Picture Recap

First Impressions - Intro 06 / Tour de France 06 Stage Profiles

Prologue Seven Year Itch Stage 10 A Sea of OrangeStg 10 Suppliment
Stage 1 Good and Evil Stage 11 Circle of Death
Stage 2 David and Goliath Stage 12 Hangover on Bastille Day
Stage 3 Redemption and Reward Stage 13 If You Can't Stand the Heat
Stage 4 Flat is Relative Stage 14 Three Rest Days
Stage 5 The Race for Caen Rest Day 2 Bittersweet
Stage 6 The Art of Crashing Stage 15 The Angel Returns
Stage 7 "No More Hiding" Stage 16 The Spirit of Desgrange
Stage 8 The Wolfpack Stage 17 Flight of the Phoenix
Rest Day 1 No Rest for the Wicked Stage 18 Grand Cru
Stage 9 Homage to Darrigade Stage 19 Putting Down the Hammer

Stage 20 Final Impressions Killer Instinct


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Tour de France 06
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