By Graham Jones
and Barry Boyce

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CyclingRevealed's First Impressions '05

The impressionists revolutionized art when they started to capture the world around them with colorful and spontaneous impressions. Here at CyclingRevealed we will report on Le Tour in a manner that would appeal to those great pioneers of art.

Tour de France 2005 Picture Recap

Stage 1 Poetry in Motion Stage 11 Coeur de Lion
Stage 2 No Guts, No Glory Stage 12 Vive la France
Stage 3 Escape Artists Stage 13 Bold, Brave, Stupid
Stage 4 Enough to Make You Weep Stage 14 Everything but the Kitchen Sink
Stage 5 SOME routine Stage 15 By George!
Stage 6 Déjà vu; Lance's Loyal Guard Stage 16 The Spirit of Champions
Stage 7 Achtung, der Kaiser kommt! Stage 17 The Long and Winding Road
Stage 8 Big Mistake Stage 18 Which Race are You Watching?
Stage 9 Brilliant Stage 19 Surviving the Tour
Stage 10 Sign Language Stage 20 The Race of Truth

Stage 21 Final Impressions Champions All!



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Tour de France 05
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Stage Profiles