March 2006

By Graham Jones
Cycling Historian



Rides for the ‘Compleat Cyclist'

A Premier Vacation to Remember

A Destination Cycling/CyclingRevealed cycling trip will be memorable in many ways. While you focus on seeing the racing, riding through spectacular countryside or simply just relaxing, the tour staff attends to every logistical detail. The staff includes professionals with extensive experience of race team support and holiday tours support. Most of the staff have either raced professionally, or worked as members of famous trade teams. Additionally, in each trip locale, you are offered connections to local experts in cuisine, art, history, nature, wine, and spas/wellness. From the moment you arrive until the day you return home, you will benefit from many years of specialized expertise in cycling vacations and regional cultures.

Premium Accommodations
Destination Cycling/CyclingRevealed seeks out unique hotels that provide only the highest quality accommodations and services. If race route schedules permit we attempt to stay as long as possible in one location to reduce on-road transfers. Following the Tour, Giro or any other similar event demands that we keep on the move. We seek out accommodations offering havens of peace and luxury that contribute to the relaxing nature of your vacation. Generally our ‘lifestyle vacations' remain in one hotel.

Taste Local Culinary Delights
After a day in the saddle, appetites are sure to be large. Europe is renowned for its culinary expertise and we seek out the best. Many of our hotels are home to world class kitchens and the chefs take great delight in demonstrating their expertise. Also, of course, whether your trip is in Armagnac , Burgundy , Bordeaux or Tuscany , many of the world's best wines and aperitifs are also on hand. What better way to spend an evening with your new vacation friends exchanging tales of the day's adventures.

Expert Guides
Out on the open road our experienced ride guides ensure that you get the maximum from your riding experience. We position one guide at the front of the bunch and one at the rear to ensure that we get to where we need to be and to ensure that nobody is left behind. On any given day there will be those who want to go hard and those who want a much more relaxed pace. We do our very best to accommodate every need. Given the daily itinerary, our guides build in visits to interesting locations. We focus on maximizing your vacation experience, by introducing you to the local geography and culture and ensuring that we seek out the best vantage points if race viewing is on the itinerary. Naturally on a CyclingRevealed tour the stories that you have read about on the web site will come to life as you ride with the authors themselves!

Daily Itineraries / Route Planners / “Swag”
Every guest is provided with a detailed booklet detailing the itinerary for each day. Written descriptions and maps together with notes on the day's sightseeing and activities provide all of the information that you need. Destination Cycling provides socks and a jersey to each rider.

Experienced Support Crew At Your Service
Destination Cycling's own team of mechanics and soigneurs are there whenever you need them. The mechanics assemble, dismantle, care and clean for your bike throughout your trip. Like the mechanics, the soigneurs are also on the road each day traveling in our support vehicles to help with the in-ride drink and food stops. We are proud that our mechanics and soigneurs are also highly experienced in both the racing world as well as with cycling holiday tours.

Personal Transportation – Ride in comfort!
Our fleet of air-conditioned vehicles transport you in comfort. A cycle tour invariably entails transfers between key riding and hotel locations. We initially gather at the meeting point determined by your trip schedule. Your luggage heads to the luggage truck. You are then transported to your hotel and along the way meet some of our support crew for the first time. Our vehicles are cleaned spotlessly inside and out each day. During your rides they are used as support vehicles carrying our mechanics, soigneurs, food drink and spare equipment.

Luggage Transportation – Leave it to us!
From the moment we meet you, until the end of your trip our staff handle all luggage transportation. As we travel from destination to destination your luggage, bike boxes, and other support material is transported in one of our vehicles.


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