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Giro d'Italia 2005: A Daily Journal of CyclingRevealed's Perspective on the race

Giro d'Italia 2005: Stage Profiles and Maps

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Prologue - May 7th, Reggio Calabria, 1.150 km Individual Time Trial

Tappa 1- May 8th, Reggio Calabria to Tropea, 208 km

Tappa 2- May 9th, Catanzaro to S.M. del Cedro, 177 km

Tappa 3- May 10th, Diamante to Giffoni Valle Plana, 210 km

Tappa 4- May 11th, Giffoni Valle Plana to Frosinone, 187 km

Tappa 5, May 12th, Celano to L'Aquilla, 215 km

Tappa 6, May 13th, Viterbo to Marina Di Grosseto, 154 km

Tappa 7, May 14th, Grosseto to Pistola, 205 km

Tappa 8, May 15th, Lamporecchio to Firenze, 41.5 km Individual Time Trial

Tappa 9, May 16th, Firenze to Ravenna, 139 km

Tappa 10, May 18th, Ravenna to Rossano Veneto, 212 km

Tappa 11, May 19th, Marostica to Zoldo Alto, 150 km

Tappa 12, May 20th, Alleghe to Rovereto, 178 km

Tappa 13, May 21st, Mezzocorona to Ortisle, 217 km

Tappa 14, May 22nd, Egna to Livigno, 210 km

Tappa 15, May 23rd, Livigno to Lissone, 207 km

Tappa 16, May 25th, Lissone to Varazze, 207 km

Tappa 17, May 26th, Varazze to Limone Piemonte (Colle di Tenda), 194 km

Tappa 18, May 27th, Chieri to Torino, 31 km Individual Time Trial

Tappa 19, May 28th, Savigliano to Sestriere (Le Valli Olimpiche), 190 km

Tappa 20, May 29th, Albese con Cassano to Milano, 121 km





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