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Dec. 19, 2010

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Bike Talk Radio On Demand
(before BlogTalkRadio)

Bike Talk Radio On Demand (BlogTalkRadio)

Starting July 4th, 2010, Bike Talk Radio is now available as a webcast on “”.

To access Bike Talk Radio go to:

Upcoming live shows are posted and they are accessed by clicking on the Bike Talk Radio link. This will take you to the show page. Initially a short advertisement will run before you are connected to the show. Once the show begins you can call Bike Talk Radio to speak with guests or the show hosts.

You can use a phone (call-in to 917-889-2569) to join the show chat board or use Skype.

NEW is the ability to access past shows “on-demand”. Each live show is archived as soon as the live broadcast finishes.

Note that for upcoming shows you can set a reminder for yourself. For on-demand shows you can play them, download them, share them by email, tweet them or share on facebook by simply clicking the appropriate link beneath the show description.












CONTACT NUMBERS 917-889-2569

 Email questions to

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