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10th Paris-Roubaix 1905 (France)


By Barry Boyce, CyclingRevealed Historian



Soldier on Leave Gains Paris-Roubaix Victory

Army Private Louis Trousselier (Fra) with 3 months of limited training on the bicycle used a 24-hour pass to claim the prestigious Paris-Roubaix victory.

P-R April 22, 1905
268 Km, Chatou (west of Paris) to Roubaix (Rue Verte, Criox)

1. Louis TROUSSELIER (Fra)

2. Rene Pottier (Fra)

3. Henri Cornet (Fra)

Starters: 63

Finishers: 26

Average Speed: 33.206 km/h

P-R 1904

P-R 1906

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