21st Giro di Lombardia 1925 (Italy)


By Barry Boyce,
CyclingRevealed Historian



Young Binda Wins Lombardia

After a grand win in the Giro d'Italia earlier in 1925, Binda capped a successful season in the “Race of the Falling Leaves”. Talented 23 year old Alfredo Binda broke away and scored his first victory in one of cycling's 5-Monuments the 1925 Giro di Lombardia.

On the Colle del Ghisallo Binda rode steadily away from the pack and gained a 2 minute gap. Still a long ways to Milan Binda waited for the diminished pack. At the junction Costante Girardengo attacked hard. Quickly Binda bridge the gap and the final selection was established.

At the 55 kms to go mark dropped a tiring Girardengo. Binda rolled into Milan nearly 7 minutes ahead of Girardengo. Alfredo Binda gained his first Giro di Lombardia victory. Costante Girardengo’s second place finish was nullified after officials found he had failed to sign the race control sheet in Grantola.

GdL November 4, 1925
251.4 Km, Milan-Milan

1. Alfredo BINDA (Ita) 8h43'40"

2. Battista Giuntelli (Ita) +8'20"

3. Ermanno Vallazza (Ita) +10'30"

Starters: 79
Finishers: 46
Average Speed: 28.804 km/h


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